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Axe Puns - The Most funny Ones

01 Jun 2021, 00:24 GMT+10

Puns have been around for a long time, and many people utilize them in their everyday vernacular as a way of simply making jokes. In the purest of terms, a pun is a joke that's made to exploit the different meanings of a particular word, or it could use other words that sound similar but may have various meanings.

There have been many puns made on various topics. Considering the reality that an AXE PUNS is such a common way that is used virtually all around the globe and in a variety of various industries, you can assume a whole lot of puns made about axes. In the following article, we will highlight some basic things.

1.'Where does a lumberjack buy his axes? At the Chopping Maul.'

Loggers are expert tree cutters. They don't only use axes, but they further use various professional tools that are created to make it very easy for them to cut trees down. So, naturally, you were going to discover a pun in this article about loggers and axes!

Where does a lumberjack purchase his axes? The answer should have been a shopping mall or a personal store, but to attach a bit of a pun, it's been replaced with a 'chopping maul.' Chopping, as you might know, is the act of cutting something down into tiny pieces. This is what loggers do at work. They maul and cut wood.

That is why this pun is so general and often hilarious. However, if you utilize it in mixed company, you will get more groans from the audience than laughs because it correctly fits the description of what is named as 'dad joke.' few will understand it, some won't.

2.'I made a bad joke about an axe. No one laughed. It wasn't very cleaver.'

Yet another amazingly general and funny pun that you can make about axes is this one. A cleaver is a large knife with some unique shape, but it almost resembles a rectangular hatchet. Butchers commonly use cleavers to cut big pieces of meat. They use cleavers and bring them down with force to easily cut the meat and chop the bones.

This is an honestly clever sentence, as it makes a pun on cleaver and clever. Again, it is one of the 'dad jokes' out there, so don't expect to get many praises for this one. However, it's too much fun. When it is written in the proper forum or group, it could invoke a pretty fun reply.

Fun Addition: What do you call a Lumberjack's error? An Axe-ident

3.'What do you describe it when an ax lands on your feet? An Axe-ident.'

This one is lovely straightforward, and much easy to understand. It changes the 'axe' sound in the word accident with the same ax because that's what the accident described. It might not be an amusing joke when you are talking about something else, but if you are in an audience who knows how to laugh, this one might work excellently.

Keep in mind that all the puns described in this article will only have their wanted effect when you are with the right group of people. For example, you will ace them if you are in a poor joke contest or a pun competition. However, if you are with few straight-faced people, this might not work as properly.

Fun addition: Can I ax you a question?


How do you consider about these axe puns? Some are a chip creepy, some are quite vague, but all of them are interesting and funny once you have appreciated. If you want to have more entertainment, then try the following puns on hat, pineapple, and soup.

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