Thu, 05 Aug 2021

If you think that you are a responsible couple, you must take steps right from now to ensure that your baby comes into this life in the safest manner. And here, one thing that is really unavoidable is much thought to everything. You should take up a health insurance with maternity cover and ensure that everything is covered even before your child steps into this world.

After all, as a responsible parent, you should prepare for the costs related to pregnancy and delivery of the baby. In the present time, with the increasing medical expenses, it is crucial to be well prepared for all planned and unplanned expenses with a proper maternity insurance policy. After all, parenthood is one of the most critical decisions that you make in your life. It is something to which each couple looks forward to. Though the anxiety about parenthood could take a few days to settle, a thing you don't need to panic about is the hospitalization costs if you have sufficient maternity coverage in your health insurance policy.

Though there are several other factors that people should consider before and after the baby is born, you cannot simply overlook the cost involved. With the rising medical costs across the country, the costing of a normal delivery in a decent hospital may above half lack to two lakhs. It is true that such figures are shocking and suggest a requirement for proper financial planning towards the medical costs that will emerge during pregnancy. Hence, maternity insurance coverage in the health policy offered by several health insurance companies is one of the finest approaches to deal with these expenses. If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should take up this health insurance policy with maternity coverage, keep on reading to know more.

Works as a financial backup

Maternity insurance cover in the health policy includes the expenses related to normal as well as that of a caesarean delivery option. So, no matter what kind of procedure is needed, you are not going to be stressed out about the finances. Moreover, some policies even cover pre, as well as that of post hospitalization expenses wherein all sorts of pre-hospitalization expenditures up to thirty days and sixty days of post hospitalization expenses, are covered. Moreover, medical expenses like that of doctor's consultation, surgeon's cost, room charges and nursing are even covered under the policy. Hence, you do not need to panic about any such financial burden at all.

Delivery in a private hospital is pricy

It is true that in the present time people prefer quality healthcare which is the reason private hospitals are quite high in demand. However, treatment at such hospitals is somewhat pricy. The price of normal delivery in a private hospital may cost anywhere more than you may think of like between Rs. 50,000 to that of even 70,000 and for caesarean delivery, you may need to spend the amount that goes up by an extra Rs. 50,000 to that of Rs. 1 lakh.

Apart from this, pregnancy is subject to different complications, it is much unpredictable, and you may not know what really affects the complete cost. This is where a health insurance with maternity cover works as a financial relief, and you can easily take a step into the world of parenthood without having to panic about the finances.

Covers Your new-born baby right from day 1

Usually, health insurance policies do not really cover new-born babies until they are ninety days old. However, a health insurance policy with maternity cover includes the new-born baby right from the birth. A few of these plans even encompass vaccination charges for the new-born right till the last stage of the policy year.

You stay prepared for the complications

In the case of any sort of complexity such as premature birth, a new-born requires to be kept in an incubator for a specific period of time. The expense of such treatment may go up to nearly Rs. 10,000 for a single day. These are unexpected circumstances that may turn out to be more stressful because of the expenses. With a great health insurance with maternity cover plan, you could experience some relief from the financial burden as it is going to cover most of the expenses. Some maternity insurance plans offer cover for the fresh-born baby in case he/she is born with a crucial illness or is observed to suffer from any sort of congenital disorder. Of course, just imagine if you come to know that there is a complication with the child and you do not have the amount with you, it can be a nightmare for you. So, if you have the maternity coverage in your health insurance, you can be at peace at least in terms of finances.


So, embrace the Care Insurance today and ensure that it includes maternity cover for your child.

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