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Top Agriculture Executive Jobs 2021

01 Jul 2021, 04:24 GMT+10

You might be wondering what an agriculture executive is? It looks pretty fancy. An agriculture executive is a person who is in charge of daily planning, supervising, organization, and administrating the activities related to the agricultural field like farms. The executive power includes the general manager and the management team. Executive power is vested in the Director-General and his management team. Executive power consists of implementing value creation strategies in line with the vocation and mission of the cooperative.

Agricultural cooperatives may seem a priori excluded from reflections on governance because the debates and reference texts are essentially centered on large, listed companies. They do not have shareholders interested in financial income. Still, members motivated by a socio-economic project can ensure long-term income and outlets for the production of agricultural raw materials. Agriculture executive recruiting is not an easy task. A lot of experience is required and

Cooperatives are not listed on the stock exchange and escape the pressures and expectations of the financial markets. They do not pay dividends to their shareholders but interest on legally restricted shares. However, certain evolutions and specificities of the agricultural world tend to transform governance into a subject of significant concern of farming cooperatives.

Stable and qualified positions

  • More than half of agricultural technicians and managers have at least one
  • Bac + 2 level (college degree) and 22% have a CAP or a BEP. The share of non-graduates is meager, and the qualification level tends to increase.
  • About one in four young people have at least one bac + level 3 diploma (bachelor's level)
  • These agronomists are all salaried, and nine times out of ten, they work in permanent positions.
  • Part-time work is rare (only 6% of employees). Technicians and Agricultural executives work an average of 40 hours for a median salary of 1,650 euros.

The employment contexts can be quite different: many technicians work under conditions similar to industrial work in the food industry, others are in direct contact with the operators. They are then their advisers, their clients, or their suppliers. In this labor market, turnover is relatively low, and half of the new hires concern fixed-term positions. Either some or all of these requirements of agriculture executive recruiting

But the job of an executive person is not only limited to managing and planning. It adds to creativity and innovation. Innovation is essential in this new agriculture. Employers are ready to roll out a financial red carpet in the order of 100,000 to 120,000 euros per year to poach engineers from the best French or international schools. "The sector is looking for new profiles to produce new organic, vegan, gluten-free or even insect-based products," a successful recruitment consultant at Fed Engineering (the firm carries out 274 recruitments per year in this sector) reported.

Recruitment of agricultural and agro-executives is on the rise. Some of the examples are as follows:

The APECITA (Association for the employment of executives, engineers, and technicians in agriculture) listed 4,741 posts for management Bac +5 and above in 2010 against 5,429 in 2018. That is an increase of 14% in 8 years.

In the food industry

In 2020, APEC planned 3,680 recruitments in the food industry. This figure was 2,100 in 2015. It shows that there is increasing demand for agriculture managers in the field. If you are looking for a job in the agricultural field, you might want to visit the agriculture executive recruiting for better options and viable careers.

All in all, an overview of the Agricultural journeys that pay off are as follows:

Go through a large group.

In this type of career, going through a large group is a key to boosting your salary: "you start with the multinational Nestle at 35-38,000 euros gross per year and with the medium-sized company Brossard at 28-30,000. euros gross per year ", confides a hunter. Be mobile and agile. Of course, it is better to be mobile throughout France and not very reluctant to organize 3/8 or 5/8. The methods appreciated also include position changes: becoming a team leader, production, research, and development or maintenance.

Change employer regularly

In these sectors, salary increases are obtained during company changes. "Most agricultural executives have worked for 3 to 4 employers in their lives," confirms Mathieu Baron from UniAgro.

But do not privilege only the salary.

For the project manager Olivier Gloker, of Apecita, "negotiating your salary well will require avoiding, however, the behavior of " mercenary ", under penalty of arousing the mistrust of recruiters, of negotiating the " how much ", of course, but also the " what ": training, trial period, working time, resources available, development. "

Another famous recruiter also insists: "Candidates in agro-agriculture must remember one thing: you should not choose your company just because of the salary. The interest of the function, the management method, the business plan must govern the right choice. The remuneration comes next ".

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