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Online Marketing: Steps To Success

02 Jul 2021, 23:24 GMT+10

Did you know, 70% of companies did not use an online marketing strategy in 2013. Three years later, the figure dropped to 50%. Today, you lose the battle to competition before it begins if you do not have a clear online marketing strategy.

Internet Marketing Strategy

For online marketing, you need a comprehensive plan to achieve your marketing goals while juggling budget and time constraints.

At every step of your campaign, you need to track the performance and optimize continuously. And that is where makes your job extremely easy: It offers a singular suite to manage your marketing strategy.

Reliable information on the factors influencing marketing will promote an accurate online promotion strategy. A known way to get this data is to audit the site.

Site audit allows you to assess the current state of affairs of the company.

Professional site audit

You cannot promote a website ridden with errors. Remember how you were looking for a tour on your last vacation: you open the first five sites on the request and choose the least laggy one. This means that the site must be: a) in the top; b) well-optimized; c) thoroughly researched for bugs. Here is the audit list:

  • Target audience analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Reputation analysis
  • Website content analysis
  • SMM analysis
  • SEO optimization assessment
  • Usability assessment
  • Evaluation of an advertising campaign

How to evaluate a site yourself

We tell you in a separate mailing list - subscribe. We share ways to improve the efficiency of your online business step by step and in an easy format, once a week.

So, we conducted an audit, got the necessary indicators. Now marketers have something to rely on in creating an online promotion strategy.

War loves victory and dislikes duration - this means that you need to win a marketing war before it starts, you need to be able to predict its outcome or risk your budget.

Ideally, entrust the Internet promotion to the same experts who conducted the audit. Only a set of measures will allow you to implement a well-thought-out marketing strategy and get the planned result. But there is also a unique way.

Steps to minimize risks

  • Study the market

Determine how much you can earn in the selected market. Analyze the demand in Google Keyword Planner.

Note down high-frequency and low-frequency keywords. This step will help you refine your unique selling proposition based on audience preferences.

  • Brand and corporate identity of the company

Your brand style will hook the customer on all marketing channels. Your brand identity is defined by what your website looks and sounds like. From the domain name to the font in the mailing list, everything matters. Look for opportunities to stand out from others.

  • Evaluate the competition and take the best

Your competitors may be different companies - the task is not to step on a rake and take the best from their experience.

Using the service SimilarWeb identifies competitors and their weaknesses. Via Buzzsumo gets to know the strengths of their blog and do better or suggest something new. Subscribe to their newsletters, become their social media subscriber, and monitor the mood of their audience. Find out what their customers are unhappy with and suggest an alternative. Tailor your competitors' ideas.

  • Segment the market and refine the core of the target audience

On the social networks of competitors, you can spy on your future customers. Make up the types of participants: who they are, what they do, what films they watch, what slang they use. This will answer your question "Who will buy my product?"

Analyze your target audience carefully and find the core. The core of the target audience determines the group with which you will work. Use the main resources to attract these people and they become emissaries of your brand.

  • Position

Once you have an idea of ​​your customers, you can think about how your product appears in their minds and manage perception through social branding. Enter into dialogue with people and increase your site's EAT rating from Google is expert, authoritative and reliable information. Google evaluates and ranks sites based on the usefulness of the EAT.

  • Promote in different channels

Don't bet on one thing; try different ways to promote. There are three obvious channels: social media, company blog, and email newsletter.

Create only high-quality author's content on social networks, do not make fools of users. Your task is to gather a client community, people interested in your particular product. Universal solutions are not suitable here, although you can post news and promotions, share interesting content on a topic in-between times to once again flicker in the feed. Sign up to receive alerts for specific requests from google Trends to keep up with news feeds. Create the ideal environment for users to communicate with you and each other.

In the company's blog explain the services. Also, create varied assets like case studies, success stories, unique tips, and backups. Find a balance between dry information and live communication for maximum engagement. Try multi-format articles containing text, images, graphics.

There are two types of people that engage with a blog: interested people and those who accidentally come from search results. Make it interesting for both. Immerse the reader with internal linking. At some point, they will subscribe to the newsletter.

The email newsletter keeps warming people up with interesting inside information. Define a list of topics close to your company and break them down into smaller ones. So you can get an endless number of stories for your closed club, and an expert approach will increase the number of loyalists. Don't forget to offer subscriptions on other channels.

Tie it all together

If you don't know where you are going, you won't know how well you succeeded. Make sure where you start and track your way through every milestone. See where your leads are coming from; track how successful the sales team is. Phonexa features will make all that doable, easy and profitable for your business.

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