Thu, 21 Oct 2021

Being a dog owner, you always want your pet to be healthy and active. If your dog is looking plump and fatty, then he must be healthy; this is the most common misconception people have.

There is a difference between being healthy and obese the way we humans do. Your dog probably would not know anything about the ideal weight. You might see them running and playing around with this fluffy body. But this fluffy body can cause serious issues in terms of joint pain or arthritis. According to the expert's thinner dogs tend to live 15 percent longer than those obese ones. Making few changes in their diet and routine can certainly help to reduce the extra pounds and be healthy.

It is practically not possible to determine the ideal weight of the dog. Hence one can refer to the body conditions to determine the right weight. If you observe the extra fats on the right and the waist of your dog, then that means he is overweight. If you decide to start the weight loss plan for your dog, then it is important to discuss the possible challenges with your vet.

If your dog tends to gain a few pounds all of a sudden without any dietary changes, then it is a serious sign of an undiagnosed health issue. Here we are talking about a few of the tips that will help your dog to reduce a few pounds.

Get the right supplements.

The right supplements can do wonders in maintaining the healthy weight of your dog. You can start with the addition of some additives that can help to make the weight loss routine easier. There are several supplements such as chondroitin and glucosamine that help dogs exercise less difficulty. These supplements can also help to increase overall mobility. L-carnitine is known as a supplement that helps with fat loss. You can buy dog supplies at PETstock.

Low carb and high protein diet

Most of the dogs tend to eat carbohydrate-rich food, which in return adds several pounds. According to the expert's dogs should consume a diet with low carb and high protein. Also, proteins require a higher number of calories for digestion. Hence it is important to lower down the portion of carbohydrates to lose weight. You can always look for a high protein and low carbohydrate diet.

Watch the portion

It is also important to look for the amount of food that your dog is consuming. You need to take control of the diet by reducing your dog's intake. But make sure he gets quality food rather the quantity one. If you see the commercial food options, then you will always find them rich in carbs, highly processed, and rich in calories. In this case, make sure he consumes food products with rich ingredients such as fresh fruits and vegetables like celery, green beans, baby carrots, cucumbers, apples, and blueberries.

Right Exercise

Whether it is a tug of war or a long walk, a little bit of exercise will always help your puddle to keep in good shape and maintain a good weight. Make sure to encourage your dog to exercise every day. Try to understand their daily activities and their interest in implementing the new exercise routine in their lifestyle. You can start with a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise and then gradually increase it depending upon his interest.

Vital Veggies

Feeding vital veggies such as green beans, baby carrots, cucumbers, and sliced apples can also help in a big way instead of the highly processed commercial food products. But make sure not to feed bananas or a whole apple to dogs as it contains a higher level of sugar.

Calculate the calories

You won't be able to feed your dog properly if you are not aware of how much calories do, they need on a daily basis. Make sure to ask your vet about the proper number of calories that your dog requires every day. You can also divide your dog's weight by 2.2 and then multiply it by 30. Post this add 70 to the total will give you the total amount of calories your dog should need.

Give them non food rewards

We tend to reward our dogs with treats or food rewards whenever they do any good thing. But this can add several calories to their diet and can add pounds to their body. You can try showing some physical love such as belly rub or verbal praises instead. They would certainly love this type of treatment.

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