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AQUAPAP: The Perfect Hydration Solution

21 Sep 2021, 16:24 GMT+10

What is aquapap water?

Aquapap is a new type of drinking water that is FDA-approved. It contains 5 grams of sodium, but most regular water brands have less than 1 gram per liter, and will probably be at the same level as Aquapap in a few years, so don't worry! Just like many other brands

(Ozarka, Perrier, Arrowhead), it comes from sources in the Ozarks mountains. However, unlike those others mentioned before it has one very special property: it's drinkable straight from the source! Behold this excerpt taken directly off their official website: "Unlike other bottled waters - Aquapap can be drank straight from its source".

Aquapap is a type of drinking water that comes from the Ozark mountains. It has 5 grams of sodium but most other brands have less than 1 gram per liter so it's fine to drink! You can even drink it straight from the source like these guys in this Water Park, Aquapap Water Park.

Where can I buy Aquapap water?

You can buy Aquapap in local stores like Walgreens, Walmart, and Kroger. It is also available to order online through Amazon and eBay. You should be able to find it at any store that sells bottled water, or even gas station convenience stores.

If you don't want to wait for your bottles of Aquapap to arrive in the mail, you can just go down to your nearest Walgreens: they sell it there! If you're still craving it but don't have a grocery store nearby, try this trick I found on Google: "You can also order it online from, or you can go to your local Walgreens and ask them if they have any."

Where does aquapap come from?

Aquapap comes from a source in the Ozark mountains called Salem's Well. The link between that and Aquapap aside, what's interesting about this well is that it has a 50 feet tall pyramid-shaped structure built around it with an underground center containing quartz crystals: apparently these helps purify the water according to ancient Mayan traditions. I don't know anything about those but studies have shown that small amounts of silver can prevent bacterial contamination in some water. That would explain why there are silver particles in the water, but it doesn't take away from its medicinal properties!

Aquapap comes from Salem's Well which has a 50 feet tall pyramid around it. There's an underground center inside and I hear the water is purified through Mayan traditions using quartz crystals!

The pyramid structure also has a few stairs leading down to the water level so you can drink straight from the source.

What does aquapap taste like?

Among many other less famous brands of bottled drinking water (Okocim, Poland Spring), Aquapap ranked second in the category of "tastes least like boring old water" with Perrier, Evian, and Nestle Pure Life. This is mostly due to the somewhat larger amount of sodium but I say why not? It's scientifically proven that salt makes everything taste better so you'll never get tired of drinking it! If you're a health nut these results might sound discouraging if not terrifying, but don't worry: most people are speaking from an uneducated standpoint.

Some people think that taking their medicine (Aquapap) will make them sick because they associate medication with sickness, but this couldn't be further from the truth. You should really give it a try if you have any of the symptoms listed here on their website for 2-3 weeks, and drink plenty of water in the meantime.

According to a study, Aquapap was rated second best at masking the not-so-great taste of boring old water (after Perrier), but scientifically salt makes everything taste better so no worries!

Interesting facts about aquapap?

Aquapap is proud to announce that they are "the only bottled water with silver" which has been proven by science to help purify drinking water and keep it safe from bacteria. Also, it's been independently tested: "The Aquapap is tested by a world-renowned facility for the EPA, FDA and US Army…"

Do you buy bottled water? Have you ever tried a brand of bottled water that was specifically made for people with stomach problems or do you recommend any other brands of bottled water to soothe stomach pains? These questions will be answered when you buy Aquapap.

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