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Best Skateboards for Adults

23 Sep 2021, 01:24 GMT+10

Skateboarding was first invented in the 1950s in California. It's interesting to know that it was created by surfers who wanted to do something when there weren't any high waves. Throughout its history, skateboarding has been assumed as a sport for kids or teenagers. However, we are here to prove that it's not the case. You can still enjoy it as an adult in 2021 as you've done in your childhood or teenage.

This is just one part of the whole picture. As you've gone through phases, skateboards have also gone through changes and the best Skateboards for Adults in 2021 also include the electronic ones called the Electric Skateboards.

So what is an electric skateboard? They are also known as electric longboards, motorized skateboards, or remote control skateboards which are classified into regular electric skateboards and off-road electric skateboards. The latter one is also called an all-terrain electric skateboard. One of the best skateboards for adults.

Unlike many boards available in the market, the best skateboard for adults has a motor attached to it. Powered by a battery and has four wheels. The main parts include a deck, truck, wheels, controller and remote control, battery, the power group, and some other accessories. As a loyal friend, they are worth your every penny.

Some of the best brands according to reviewers are Maxfind, Teamgee, WowGo, Boosted, Evolve, Razor, Swell, and Meepo.

About their prices, they can be cheap or expensive. Their prices from $200 to several thousand dollars. Cost depends upon factors like brand or quality.

The burning question deep down there is how to buy the best electric board. Factors to be considered while doing this are

  • Size

It depends upon your stature and strength because you have to carry it around. So, buy either large or small depending upon your built.

  • Motor

It's like a CPU for the skateboard. Buy the one with at least a 1000W-power motor.

  • Battery

Battery determines how far an electric skateboard can go. If you have to go through a long-distance, a skateboard with a longer battery life will be more helpful, as it reduces the need to change your e-skateboard consistently.

  • Wheels

You must consider the quality and material of the wheels. Usually, PU material is hard-wearing and durable, indicating you only need to change the wheels now and then. Larger wheels are better at dealing with complex road conditions.

  • Warranty

Since an electric skateboard is not as cheap as a regular skateboard and also contains electric components, some problems or glitches are challenging to solve manually. Seeking help from repair stores may take a large amount of money. Therefore, it's recommended to get an e-skateboard with a warranty.

While looking for the best skateboards for adults, one of the things that come to mind is how fast they can go? In general, the average speed is from 18 to 28 mph. The fastest speed of e-skateboards can reach over 40mph. However, speed is the result of all the factors mentioned above.

With the best skateboards, the best safety measures are required. Riding an e-skateboard poses many dangers. The most important point is to learn the professional and right way to do it. Besides, the advice followed should also be kept in mind.

  1. Always wear a helmet and protective gear.
  2. Ride at the speed you're able to control.
  3. Don't drink and ride.
  4. Be cautious when trying stunts.
  5. Practice makes perfect.
  6. Make sure electric skateboards are legal in your country

The conclusion is that in search of the best skateboards for adults in 2021, the best thing you'll find is an electric skateboard. One can say that they are adult-friendly. Keep that child alive in yourself and happy shopping!

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