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Spatz3: Adjustable Gastric Balloon

18 Nov 2021, 19:24 GMT+10

Gastric balloons help control obesity by restricting food intake by either opening or tightening the stomach. A balloon filled with saline is placed into the stomach for six weeks or longer. The balloon inflates with food, which expands the stomach volume, thus restricting food intake. It also allows the stomach to remain empty, reducing appetite. Gastric balloons are more effective when used for a longer period of time. For weight loss, you have to limit calorie consumption. But the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon does it in a different way, using a balloon inserted into the stomach to induce vomiting every time you overeat.

Spatz3 was designed with two key aspects in mind for more adjustability:

  • FDA-cleared balloon, which is inserted into the stomach without surgery.
  • Procedure that can be performed under local anesthetic.

The result is an adjustable gastric balloon that can be used for a longer time with minimal risk of patient complications. The Spatz3 balloon is inserted into the stomach using endoscopy, as opposed to an open procedure, so the patient doesn't have to endure the post-surgery discomfort associated with stomach cutting and subsequent recovery. Furthermore, with a balloon this size, it allows Spatz3 patients to eat the same amount of food they did with gastric balloons that were larger. These are either up adjusted or down adjust; thus, more flexibility is provided here.

Spatz3: Only Adjustable and Practical Weight Maintenance

If the spatz3 balloon was larger, say in the 150-250 cc range, then it wouldn't be practical for a patient to eat the same amount of food as before, and they'd have to eat less. Adherence to the balloon can also be difficult, as the tubing and balloon require constant measuring to ensure that the catheter is properly positioned within the stomach. With Spatz3 reviews and success stories, patients can easily see their balloon from the outside, and they can also easily pull the tubing out if needed.

The balloon system creates a suction through water that pulls fat away from your core to reduce stomach volume, promote a flat stomach, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The spatz3 balloon is the first size to be designed to be easily fit around the abdomen without the need for surgery or GI-radiation. Plus, there is no exercise involved, so you can get back to working out while the device works to help you lose belly fat.

About Functional Medicine of Spatz

Spatz Medical is a unique center of excellence located in U.S., that specializes in functional medicine - the practice of applying cutting-edge science to a variety of common health issues, including obesity and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. For an all-natural balloon that works while you sleep and you simply remove at your convenience, look no further. Enter the Spatz3 balloon system provided by Spatz. Its two internal inflatable balloon units will quickly absorb belly fat while keeping your stomach area in peak condition.

Bottom Line:

The Spatz3 is the best adjustable Gastric Balloon on the market right now. It is rated as one of the excellent gastric balloons. It's also designed to continuously inflate, providing the perfect effect for your needs. An adjustable gastric balloon with a low-profile balloon that can be easily removed, this is the balloon of choice for people with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 40.

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