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Christmas Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Love

23 Nov 2021, 22:24 GMT+10

A pile of Christmas gifts in colorful wrapping with ribbons.

The holiday season is a time for spreading yuletide cheer. And a great way to do just that is by giving the ones that we love the most a thoughtful Christmas gift.

This year Christmas means something a little extra special. After so much time spent apart over the last two years, we can all finally reunite in person once again. That means those traditional Christmas parties, holiday dinners and Secret Santa games are all back on the table once again.

And do not let the whole supply shortage scare deter you away from still searching for the ultimate Christmas gift for your friend. In fact, we are wanting to help ensure that you have an easy time picking out the perfect gift for each and every friend of yours.

So to help you get into the holiday spirit and get excited about Christmas shopping this year, we have rounded up the best Christmas gift ideas that we know your friends will love.

From gift ideas for friends who love music to wellness gifts that help your friends find their inner balance, there is something out there for every type of friend you have. And all the gifts that we have rounded up can be purchased online with just a few simple clicks of a button.

Here are the top Christmas gift ideas that we know your friends will love and that you should consider getting and wrapping up with a bright red Christmas bow.

For the Friends Who Love Music

While music is something that has the ability to touch us all, we have those friends who are extra passionate about music. In fact, it is a core part of their life. So for this Christmas, why not gift them a musical gift that they will cherish forever?

For the friends who are into the record players, get them a collection of both retro and current jazz vinyl records for sale. You will be surprised at just how many options there are to scour through-meaning you will find the perfect album that will really get your friend excited.

And for the friends who are more rave-goers, consider getting them the ultimate dance party prop. LED gloves have recently become all the rage and will give your friend the actual ability to light up a dance floor. As they move, their hands will generate lights that will not only make for viral social media videos but get others around them in the mood to dance too.

For the Zen Friends

If you are after a gift that will enhance the well-being of one of your friends, consider gifting them some of the best crystal candles available online. These candles are designed to not only create a relaxing scent within the room but the wax is made with crystals that get rid of negative energy and restore a great balance within.

Another great wellness gift is handcrafted soap bars. These bars are made by hand to ensure that your friend's skin is hydrated and moisturized with a silky formula that has them both smelling and feeling great.

Of course, there is always a real splurge on wellness gifts to consider giving to. Why not pamper your friend with a gift certificate for a day at the spa? They can choose the treatments they want and you can even schedule to go in for the day with them.

For the Handyman Friend

If you have a friend that loves to fix things and likes to come to the rescue, consider one of the many gadgets and home appliances found on BulbHead. Not only will they love the new opportunities to lend a hand, but be impressed with how well you really know them!

For the Friend Who Loves Food

If you have a friend who is extra passionate about food, then gifting them a food-centric gift is a great idea. If they have a fine-dining taste pallet then gifting the luxurious Imperia Caviar will really wow them. These farm to form caviar tins are made for food lovers around the world and have impressed even some of the toughest food critics out there.

Another great way to give your friend the gift of food is by signing them up for a cooking class or giving them a gift certificate to the trendiest restaurant in town. If you go with either of these, make sure that you sign up for the experience as well, as food tastes better when you are around the people that you love.

For the Friend Who Loves Winter

If your friend is obsessed with winter and all things related to the snowy and cozy season, there are a range of great gifts out there. If they are someone who likes being outside and getting the heart rate pumping, winter snow tubes are often a great selection. They can go to the local park or slopes and have fun zipping down the hill. Just make sure to buy two so you can join in on the fun as well.

And for the friends who like curling up by the fireplace and watching holiday movies under a blanket, gifting them cozy holiday slippers is also a great way to go. With cute and classic winter designs, your friend will probably never want to take them off.

For the Friends Who Serve or Have Served

If your friend or a member of their family is in the military has served, then getting them gifts for veterans is an honorable gesture that will certainly move them emotionally. With patches, decals, coins, plaques and clothing that can all be customized, your friend will cherish this type of gift forever.

Another gift idea for those who are proud members of the military is a commemorative Christmas ornament. Not only will it sit proudly on their Christmas tree, but it can be something that is passed down through their family for generations to come.

For Friends Who Enjoy Experiences

While gifting things is always nice, giving the gift of a memorable experience is priceless. And with more and more experiences becoming available once again, there are so many different experiences to consider gifting.

A great one to consider is an escape room experience. Best if you are able to round up a few of your friends at once, you will all have a great time trying to escape through a series of challenges and clues that need to be solved within a certain time limit. And with escape rooms available all throughout the country, you can certainly find one near you.

Or, if you haven't seen your friend in person in a while, consider gifting them a plane ticket to come to visit you. The gift of a reunion and new adventures together is something that all friends value and will be even more meaningful this year having spent so much time apart. You could even up the ante and gift a travel experience for the two of you, as there are so many great travel deals out there at the moment.

So, this Christmas, get creative with what to gift your friends. From practical items to meaningful experiences, there is a range of different ideas we know your friends will go crazy for.

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